How to BOOST your new Website Traffic

Traffic to your website is good. More traffic is better. The more traffic you get to your website, the more likely you are to get sales. But, you need to know how to get more traffic. Listed below are proven, actionable  tips to help you boost your website traffic.

BOOST your new Website Traffic #1: Guest Blogging

Make a point of commenting on websites of other businesses in your industry and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Be available for guest posting on relevant blogs and get known in your industry. Your name and brand will get a great deal of exposure if you guest post for other website owners.

BOOST your new Website Traffic #2: Content Strategy

Design a content strategy, so that you time the type of content published with specific events, special deals that you offer and launches of new products or services. Your content strategy should also be planned with your audience in mind – post informative and interesting posts that will appeal to your target market.

BOOST your new Website Traffic #3: Well-Known Blogger

Another good option is to invite well-known bloggers to guest post on your website. They will most likely share their posts with their own audiences and this will drive new traffic to your website. Getting established bloggers to post on your site will also serve as a kind of testimonial – they deem your website worthy of their posts.

BOOST your new Website Traffic #4: Free Content

Giving away free content to other websites is priceless for getting publicity. You can get  a huge amount of traffic to your site by giving a few well-written and interesting articles away for free to be posted on other websites. Include meaningful information that will hook people and lead them to your website.

BOOST your new Website Traffic #5: Affiliate Program

Through an affiliate program, you can get numerous websites to promote your product or service. Other websites refer paying customers to your site and they get a small commission on every sale. Affiliate Programs are also known as Reseller or Associate Programs. You only pay when you make money, so this is a low-risk option to get clients to your site.