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Mobile driven entrepreneurial & personal development education that’s easy to learn and action in under 5 minutes. For free.

About Us

Hint Business Community is your business and personal development education channel. Hint Business Community helps you with short-form mobile friendly entrepreneurial & personal development education that’s easy to learn and action in under 5 minutes. For the best value and accelerated learning get the Free Viber App and follow the public chat at www.Viber.com/hint Hint is driven by two business savvy people dedicated to self-improvement and development and are sure to learn a lot as they teach alongside thought leaders across Africa and the world to empower Africa and the world to their true potential. Come and change the future of the world with us! Hint is currently active in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Egypt.

Hint Business Community was founded by Brandon Tancott and Willem Gous because they saw the need to empower the 87% of people who never saw themselves as having the potential to create a new life, a new future and a purpose driven life through the platform of business.

Hint Vision

Our goal is to have the 87% of people who do not yet see themselves as entrepreneurial or business owners to be able to take that first step towards owning a business with confidence and create lives with financial self determination, passion and purpose.

Hint Mission

To awaken a mindset and spirit of possibility through entrepreneurship and business ownership by providing focused, concentrated and easily accessible education and support through mobile, web and event platforms within a community of collaborators.

Contact Us

Make contact with us to get involved in this wonderful project or just for some friendly chatter by emailing us at q @ hint.business

About the creators of Hint

Brandon Tancott

Brandon Tancott high rezBrandon Tancott is has over 15 years’ experience in business, having started and built a digital agency from a one man operation to one of the largest agencies in the country. Specialising in digital marketing and business consulting, Brandon has been key in helping many of the country’s leading business to business publications take their print online. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Brandon co-founded the relaunch of entrepreneur.co.za taking up the Managing Director position and growing the company to one of the largest personal development networks in Africa with partners spread all over the world. “My passion has always been to grow individuals and teams, and to help them reach their full potential. Seeing people succeed and change their lives, has become my driving force.”




Willem Gous

Willem-Suit-smallAuthor, trainer, StartUp coach, innovator, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and multiple business owner Willem Gous is the creator of the indivineur method – a proven strategy that literally transforms the way business is done, while reducing risk and maximising opportunity while using what you have now. Willem attained his Masters degree ISM (His dissertation focused on the application of various innovation methodologies within existing companies) at the University of Liverpool. His passionate search for knowledge, love of learning and self-development aords Willem to oer clients fresh perspectives and an environment where they can work together in order to nd solutions to problems. He helps his clients discover, innovate and grow from their Plan A to a plan that actually works. Teaching clients to overcome fears, limiting beliefs and biases, Willem shows founders that their business is a platform for self-development and self-exploration and that the biggest limit to their success is their own thinking. Applying this methodology, Willem has achieved monumental success in leading his clients to attain the success they so rightly deserve.